Injured Patient Being Brought Down to the Clinic

We are looking for students who are willing to jump into any kind of medical situation with vigor and enthusiasm. We also want students who are willing to share with the other students in the group (living together, skiing together, transportation, socializing after work, etc.). We don't care if you are not an expert skier or snowboarder, because Big Sky is a great place to learn how to ski or snowboard.

Students must understand that this in not a "vacation" month, and even though you will be able to ski every day, we expect you to work in the Clinic every day. In the ski season, that means seven days per week. We do not mind if student's spouses, family, or friends come to Big Sky during the month they are doing the elective, but the housing provided to students, either through us or members in the community, is off-limits to anyone but the students, no exceptions.

Besides ski equipment (or bike/golf clubs in the summers), we ask you to bring your stethoscope, laptop computer, and your school-issued name tag. There is wifi in both offices, but not at either residence. Hot spots are available throughout Big Sky (eg Buck's T-4 lobby and The Hungry Moose).