Student with a patient

The elective is open to all 4th year medical students. Those who have an interest in going into emergency medicine, orthopedics, family practice, sports medicine and pediatrics will certainly get the most out of it, but some of my best students, who have learned the most and contributed the most, have gone into such diverse fields as ophthalmology and psychiatry.

We also accept senior residents (PGY3 or PGY4) and sports medicine fellows who have elective time. We expect the residents and fellows to help us teach the students.

We require that all students and residents provide us with proof of malpractice coverage from their school/program. Vaccination records are also important to have on record. We would like a letter from your school's administration giving their "OK" for you to take the elective. For residents and fellows, the state of Montana requires that you get a Temporary License to practice here (costs about $100 and takes a little bit of paperwork).

All you need to bring with you is your ski or your snowboard equipment**, a stethoscope, your school-issued name tag, A HELMET and a desire to experience a unique form of medical practice.

** we do have limited space to store equipment, so only one set of skis or a snowboard at the Clinic at any given time.